The Landmark Forum

Oh the sweet smell of my own bedroom. I’m finally home.

The past weekend is a very important moment in my life. I’m falling short of calling it “transformative,” but even then, there was something about the Landmark Forum that really spoke to me. And this, I’d like to share.

For three days, I spent my time sitting in a room of 150-plus people, getting coached about life and the little nuances that come with it. Some of these nuances are so obvious, it’s funny how we miss it. Others however, are terrific insights into what we just take for granted.

Take for example, how the “past” and “tomorrow” really do not exist. Where is the past, you may ask yourself. Can you see it right now? Can you touch it? You remember it, and it existed, but right now, right then, it does not exist. Same with the future: isn’t the future nothing but a projection based on what we experienced in the past and what we are currently experiencing in the present?

Once I realized this, and with the help of their coaching, I immediately understood the important of the present and the urgency to take advantage of “now.” It’s not a totally new concept, but to me, it was a breath of fresh air from all the regrets, fears, and the self-doubt that has clouded my decision-making in the past years.

This is just one of the many insights I got out of the Forum. There are many more. And I intend to incorporate these into my life starting right now. Because really, if I don’t do it now, then when?