Let me tell you something about kindness—everyone deserves it, but not everyone needs it from you.

You will meet people in your life that won’t even give you a chance to show kindness to them. And you shouldn’t. It doesn’t make you an asshole. They just happen to not need kindness from you. And for sure, there are other people in their life that they are most likely wanting and begging kindness from.

Because as much as we as a society hail giving kindness as a virtue, we never look much into how we receive kindness—specifically how we selectively choose the people we want to receive kindness from.



The story behind my quote “when you know, you just know” comes from every Auntie that asked me how looking for a boy is going. Let’s face it, by the time we reach 25 years of age our relatives start to ask when are we going to get married or if we are talking to someone now.

By the time things…

My dear friend, Lisa, is blogging about her experience being an Indian-American and going through arranged marriage!